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We all have a room in our apartment or house that is full of bizarre pieces of furniture, exercise machines we don’t use, old clothes, broken gadgets, old toys and unwanted gifts. These forgotten items pile up in there and we don’t have the desire or the stomach to do anything with them. Here comes Vlado Voštinár to the rescue assisted by two interior designers. They will help you not only get rid of the things you don’t need, but will also show you the best ways to store thing so that this kind of situation doesn’t happen again.

Messers (Bordelári) is an original product of the creators of the Nové bývanie show. The original concept for it belongs to the chief dramaturge of TV JOJ, Ivan Huliak.

Form of cooperation: editing and postproduction of a pilot episode
Year of production: 2012
Lenth: 30 min each
Format: 720×576 50i, 16×9
Sound: Stereo