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suraya-parlika-plagat-bigThe documentary examines the status of women during the transformation of Afghanistan from a totalitatian Taliban theocracy to a democratic country. It tells a stroy of Suraya Parlika, an Afghan woman who dared to enter highand public politics, which is eminently a territory of men. It is a territory, where the presence of active woman, despite constitutional guarantees, is consisdered an oddity. Especially when brave women with unveiled face don’t remain silent, but try to stimulate an open discussion in public space: a discussion on disproportions between the laws and the (in)compliance with them in terms of everyday life, on an open and latent discrimination of women, or on particular crimes of men against the women who try to live their life more dignified.

Portrait of Suraya Parlika also contains “black chronicle” of crimes from different provinces of Afghanistan, which was perpetrated by men against not only activists but also against women in their family, wives and daughters. Often just because they were determined to acquire basic education.

The author of the film is Sahraa Karimi, who graduated from the Slovak Film and Television Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts and Afghanistan is her native country.

Cast: Suraya Parlika
Abdol Wakil
Malek Settiz
Suleiman Layeq
Torpekay Nawabi
Habiba Omar
Khadija Shirbaaz
Lina Alam
Soheyla Heydari
Author of the music and guitar player: Juraj Burian
Sound designer, Sound editor a Re-recording mixer: Peter Mojžiš
DOP: Sahraa Karimi
Editor: Peter Harum
Producer: Barbara Harumová Hessová
Story, Screenplay and Director: Sahraa Karimi
Title: Parlika
Languages of dialogues: Persian
Sub-titles: Slovak, English
Lenght: 50 min. 25 sec.
Film format: FULL HD (16:9) 1920×1080 FPS:25/1
Sound format: Dolby 5.1, stereo
Available on: DCP, blu-ray, DVD
Genre: documentary
Year of production: 2016
Copyright: AH production
Slovak premiere: IFF One world – october 2016
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