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Gypsy vote - posterA documentary featuring the attempt by Gypsy leader Vlado Sendrei and his team to win elections in “white” Slovakia.

What are the chances that Roma activist Vlado Sendrei and his election team can succeed in a society of “whites”? Despite expert help from an American foundation, one experiences an unbelievably lively campaign, tragicomical moments, and a glimpse into Roma ghettoes at the edge of society. Vlado’s wife Jana openly claims her husband’s activities are harmful to his family and Roma values, increasing tensions between them. The Big Day – election day – turns original emotions on their head. The new film by Jaro Vojtek renders a world of deception, and it’s only the Gypsy fortune-teller who tells the truth!

Director: Jaroslav Vojtek
Written by: Jaroslav Vojtek, Tomáš Kaminský
Dramaturgy: Marek Leščák
Producer: Tomáš Kaminský, Mandala Pictures, Slovensko
Co-Producers: Michal, Kollár, Viktor Tauš, Fog´n´ Desire Films, Česká republika
Directors of photography:  Jaroslav Vojtek, Noro Hudec, Janko Meliš, Tomáš Stanek
Edited by: Terézia Mikulášová, Peter Harum
Production: Tomáš Kaminský, Michal Hollán

Type of cooperation: postproduction
Year: 2012
Running Time: 72 min
Screening formats: 35 mm, DCP, Digi Beta, Blu-ray, DVD
Format: 1920×1080 25p, 16×9
Sound: Slovak – DD 5.1, Stereo
Subtitles: English

Special Mention on Silver Eye 2012 winners. While appreciating the dynamics of the, film the jury highlighted the high quality editing, full dose of humor and the undoubtedly positive message of the film.