Parlika – IFF Bratislava

Festival screening of Parlika at the International Film Festival Bratislava will be on 16th November 2016 at 15.45  in the cinema Lumiere (K2).   Facebook event:

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Slovak premiere of film Parlika

Slovak premiere of film Parlika took place at the 17th International Film Festival ONE WORLD Friday, 14th October at 18:30 in the auditorium of Film and TV Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts.

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World premiere of film Stanko

Film Stanko will have a world premiere in COMPETITION 1-2, 31st WARSAW FILM FESTIVAL 15. 10. 2015 - Multikino Złote Tarasy, 18:45 16. 10. 2015 - Multikino Złote Tarasy, 13:45 18. 10. 2015 - Multikino Złote Tarasy, 16:15 ‪#‎filmstanko‬

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Tak ďaleko, tak blízko na Cinematiku

Film Tak ďaleko, tak blízko bol uvedený v súťažnej sekcii filmového festivalu Cinematik v kine fontána 10. septembra o 17:00. Po filme bude diskusia s tvorcami: Barbara Hessová (producentka) a Peter Harum (strihač)

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So far, so near in national Nominations for the EFA Awards 2015

The Slovak Film and Television Academy (SFTA) nominated two Slovak films for the European Film Awards - feature fiction debut Children by Jaro Vojtek and documentary also directed by Vojtek So far, so near. The debut feature of documentary filmmamaker Jaro Vojtek Children was premiered in the autumn 2014 as a part of Project 100. Film had its international premiere at IFF Beijing, where won three Tiantan awards: forBest screenplay (Marek Leščák), Best DOP (Tomáš Staněk) and Best actress in supporting role (Éva Bándor). The documentary film So far, so near came to cinemas in the spring 2015. The selection for the European Film Awards was made by 76 memebers (out of 162), accepted and confirmed by the Board of the Academy, from among of the following eligible titles. FICTION: In Silence (d. Z. Jiráský), Children (r. J. Vojtek), Love in Your Soul (d. M. Čengel Solčanská),Hostage (d. J. Nvota) and Seven Ravens (d. A. Nellis). DOCUMENTARY: 38 (d. D. Dangl, L. Zednikovič), Comeback (d. M. Remo), wave vs.shore (d. M. Štrba), Salto Mortale (d. A. Žigová), Return to a Burning House (d. A. Grusková), So far, so near (d. J. Vojtek) and Milan Čorba (d. M. Šulík). The 28th European Film Award Gala Ceremony will be held December 12, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Participation of Slovak films and SFTA at the European Film Awards is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund. Source: Press release of the Slovak Film and Television Academy. More information at:

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Comeback – World Premiere at 49th IFF Karlovy Vary

Spending years behind bars changes a person. For Miro and Zlatko, two Slovak inmates, the world “out there” has slowly lost its enticing luster: “You have to reeducate yourself, they won’t do it for you,” says one of them. Will the road to freedom have a happy ending or lead back to a gloomy cell? Feature dokumentary debut by by Miro Remo tells about social reintegration of prisoners who have completed sentences in one of the most closely watched prisons in Slovakia. Six-year effort of the entire film crew has benefited in its final form, as hinted by the invitation to 49th IFF Karlovy Vary. World premiere will be on 6 th July 2014 at 6.30 p.m. in Čas Cinema Karlovy Vary. 2nd screening in Karlovy Vary IFF will be on 7th July 2014 at 2 p.m. in Drahomíra Cinema. Distribution in Slovakia will be secured by ASFK - in Slovak cinemas since fall 2014.

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