For Film, s.r.o. is a production company developing and producing feature and documentary films as well as offering production and postproduction services in the field of TV broadcasting content and advertising.

Mgr. art. Barbara Hessová ArtD.Producer
Barbara Hessová graduated in film and multimedia production and distribution at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where she received the Rector’s Prize and subsequently undertook her doctoral studies. She has worked for several production houses on documentary and feature films, as well as TV serials. She has also worked for the Audiovisual Fund as a grant application administrator and later as a member of various Fund expert committees. In 2007, she founded For Film where she develops and produces feature-length documentaries and feature films (Flooded, Parlika, Stanko, So Far, So Near, Comeback, Zdenka, Judge Me And Prove Me).
She is currently a member of Supervisory Board of Slovak Film and TV Academy and a member of European Film Academy.
She teaches as an internal member of the faculty at the Department of Production and Distribution and is Vice-Dean for International Relations at the Film and Television Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.

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Jaro VojtekDirector
A graduate of the Film and Television Faculty (FTF) at VŠMU in the documentary film directing section under Prof. Dušan Hanák, he currently teaches at the same school. Today, he is one of the most interesting representatives of contemporary Slovak documentary film.(f.e. Hranica, My zdes, Malá domov, Cigáni idú do volieb etc..)
Sahraa KarimiDirector
Karimi is a graduate of feature film directing at FTF VŠMU and holder of several awards, including the Slnko v sieti award in 2012 for The Best Short Film Ľahký vánok. She lives in Afghanistan, her native country, where is preparing her debut film ” A Pianist From Kabul” and she founded a multimedia company Kapila.
Miro RemoDirector
Remo is a graduate of documentary filmmaking in the atelier of Vlado Balco at FTF VŠMU. Arsy-Versy, a short documentary, which he directed, has received more than 40 awards at international festivals. This makes the film the most successful Slovak film ever in terms of number of prizes won.
Roman FábianDirector
A graduate of film and television directing at VŠMU. He was awarded several prizes for his graduate feature film project Ja som baník, kto je viac (2012). Currently, he works as a film and television director (Prvé oddelenie, Druhý dych, Horúca krv and the documentary series entitled Jeden deň).
Soňa G. LutherováDirector
Ms. Lutherová is a social and visual anthropologist. She works as a staff member at the Institute of Ethnology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences where she deals with issues of the material culture of living, post-socialism and the use of visual methods in research. She has lectured at universities in Slovakia (the Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University) and in the Czech Republic (Masaryk University, Brno). She is co-author of several short documentary films and author of video art projects. Her independent script-writing and directorial debut is a film called Zatopené.
Rastislav BorošScriptwriter, Director
Boroš studied at VŠMU Bratislava. He worked as a copywriter for advertising agencies and later as a television writer, dramaturge and creative producer. In terms of short feature films, he has written Veľké pranie and Rajón, and directed Rybačka a Láska. Boroš is the author of the screenplay for the tragi-comedy Čarovný papagáj a iné gýče. The feature-length road movie Stanko is his screenwriting and directorial debut.
Rado DúbravskýEditor
In 2010 he graduated in film editing at VŠMU. As an editor, he has collaborated on documentary films, including: Pamäť ruky, Zdenka and Časozber; and television projects including Colnica, Trieda 9.A., and Aféry), as well as video clips (Lavagance- Gabriel).
Marek KráľovskýEditor
Shortly after finishing his studies in editing at FTF VŠMU, he was approached by Agnieszka Holland and Kasia Adamik to edit Jánošík: Pravdivá hostória. He works closely with Austrian director Georg Misch, English director Sophie Fiennes and Azza El-Hassana from the Middle East. Thanks to his editing contribution to Arsy-Versy, the film has received about 40 festival prizes.
Dušan KozákSound
Kozak has described himself as one who listens to and records sounds. Otherwise, he is an excellent sound engineer and a fine person. Kozak has behind him several feature-length films where he held all types of sound-related positions. He has worked on films, such as Súď ma a skúšaj, Zdenka and Tak ďaleko, tak blízko.
Lukáš KasprzykSound
Kasprzyk graduated in sound studies at VŠMU. Even as a student he shot his first two feature-length films, BratislavaFILM and Lóve. Currently, he is working on other films, television and Internet projects. Kasprzyk worked on both Comeback and Stanko.
Ivo MikoDOP
After finishing his studies at the Physical Education Faculty, he studied cinematography (camera) at FTF VŠMU. During his studies he worked on many films for which he received awards for cinematography. Among the most important is a prize for the film Otec from the 39th Film Festival Sehsüchte in Potsdam, Germany. For the film Ja som baník, kto je viac, he was awarded the Kamera 2013 prize. He was second cameraman for the film Výstava, which won the Febiofest Prague prize and the main prize at Emir Kusturica’s festival in Kustendorf.
Maťo ČechDOP
Čech graduated from the atelier of cinematography. He works on films in various positions – as a cameraman, focus puller and assistant of production. Čech worked on Stanko and is the holder of an excellent mood on all occasions.
Noro HudecDOP
Hudec graduated in cinematography from VŠMU in Bratislava. He has worked on many projects and films with various directors, including: J. Lehotský, J. Vojtek, M. Kuboš, M. Prikler, P. Krištúfek, P. Kerekéš, H. Gogola, S. Semjan, P. Begányi, T. Diosi and S. Ferancová. For his feature film debut Zázrak (directed by J. Lehotský, 2013) he was nominated in the category of “cinematographer’s debuts” at the Camerimage festival in 2013.
Tomáš StanekDOP
He studied in the photography department at SUPŠ and studied cinematography at VŠMU in Bratislava. He also studied cinematography for a year at the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. As a cameraman he primarily works on documentary films, advertisements and video clips.
Marek LeščákScriptwriter,Dramaturge
Screenwriter and dramaturge. He has behind him numerous feature and documentary films where he acted as screenwriter or dramaturge (for example: My zdes, Slepé lásky, Hranica, Záhrada, Orbis Pictus, Až do mesta Aš, Cigán, Zázrak, etc.) He is a pedagogue in the Screenwriting and dramaturgy atelier at FTF VŠMU.
Martin ŠulíkDirector,Dramaturge
Šulík is Head of the Directing Atelier at FTF VŠMU. Mr. Šulík has shot such feature-length films as: Neha, Všetko čo mám rád, Krajinka and Slnečný štát. He also has a wealth of television and documentary film work behind him. In his films, he been screenwriter, has acted and directed in the theatre and in 1997, he worked as a producer as well. He supervises and works as dramaturge for numerous projects.
Stanislav PárnickýDirector
Párnický came to directing itself in the mid 1970s, when he shot primarily films for Slovak Television. Till today, his television work represents an essential part of his filmography. In his work on feature-length films, he has called attention to himself with the psychological dramas Kára plná bolesti and Kone na betóne. Currently, he works as a professor at the Feature Film Directing Atelier of FTF VŠMU.
Vladimír GodárMusic Composer
Godár is court musical composer for Martin Šulík. He boasts numerous film awards for music (for films such as: Záhrada, Venkovský učitel, Slnečný štát and Návrat idiota). He works as a pedagogue at the Music Faculty of VŠMU. For the film Súď ma a skúšaj, he received a nomination in the category of best film music at Slnko v sieti.
David KollárMusic Composer
Kollar comes from Prešov and is the author of several music albums and music in more than 20 films by young Slovak authors. His last album The Son (music for the film Comeback) has won many first-place awards in music lists abroad. He worked on the films Comeback and Stanko.