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Flooded is an anthropological documentary film about a building and the fates connected to it. The mansion in Parizovce was a family residence, home, property, center of a farmstead and eventually a historical monument. Some parts of the building have been preserved and have endured through centuries, others have been flooded by the waters of the Liptovska Mara waterworks. For the descendants of the Stein family, its last owners, the mansion is a memory of a lost past. For museum curators it’s a gem, a phoenix risen from the muddy waters, the pride of the Liptov region. An unusual story of the mansion from Parizovce and its last owners, that is also a reflection of the social changes in 20th century Slovakia.

Cast: Zuzana Duhajová, Gertrúda Gyárfášová, Matej Gyárfáš, Andrej Gyárfáš, Eva Križanová, Ladislav Cserei, Iveta Zuskinová, Alojz Kysel, Peter Pollák, Matej Pollák, Jiří Přibyl, Andrea Rohrböcková
Music By: Matej Gyárfáš
Sound by: Dušan Kozák
DOP: Denisa Buranová
Editor: Peter Harum
Producer: Barbara Harumová Hessová
Story, screenplay and director: Soňa G. Lutherová



Title: Flooded
Languages of dialogues: slovak
Subttitles: english
Lenght: 50 minutes
Film format: FULL HD (16:9) Resolution: 1920×1080 FPS:25/1
Sound format: stereo
Available on: DCP, blu-ray, DVD
Genre: documentary
Year of production: 2016
Copyright: AH production,RTVS Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska,
Slovenský filmový ústav
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Soňa G. Lutherová is a social and visual anthropologist. She works as a researcher at the Institute of Ethnology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences where she focuses on the issues of people’s changing identities in post-socialism particularly in regard to their material environment. She has taught, researched and studied at universities in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Austria. She is a co-author of several short documentary films and an author of video art projects. Flooded is her independent script-writing and directorial debut.

Barbara Harumová Hessová

Barbara Harumová Hessová graduated in Film and Multimedia Production and Distribution at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where she received the Rector’s Prize and subsequently undertook her doctoral studies. She and the screenwriter of the script Before Take-Off were awarded the main prize at the Midpoint international workshop. The successful short film Arsy Versy, produced by Barbara, has won over 40 international film festival awards. She has worked for several production houses on documentary and feature films, as well as TV serials. She has also worked for the Audiovisual Fund as a grant application administrator and later as a member of various Fund expert committees. In 2007, she founded AH production where she develops and produces feature-length documentaries and feature films (Flooded, Parlika, Stanko, So Far, So Near, Comeback, Sister Zdenka, Judge Me and Prove Me), as well as cooperates on TV programs and serials. She was a participant in the Emerging Producers program organized by the Jihlava IFF. She teaches at the Department of Production and Distribution and at the same time is a Vice-Dean for International Relations at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (VŠMU).

Denisa Buranová has just finished her PhD DOP studies at VŠMU. She is working on commercials, full-length and short films and documents. She works with Award-winning Slovak film directors such as Iveta Grófová, Peter Kerekeš, Mira Fornay, Zuzana Liová. With director Iveta Grófová she made her debut full-length movie Little Harbour, which won the Crystal Bear award on Berlinale 2017 in the Generation section. At the present time she is preparing a film Sharp Knife. with Theodor Kuhn. Her passion is the creative approach to the visual content.

Peter Harum graduated film editing at the Film and Television Faculty of VŠMU. For 4 years he had been an external pedagogue in film editing at the Mass Media Faculty of PEVŠ. He works as an editor of documentaries and feature films and at the same time as a director, DOP and editor of commercial and non commercial audiovisual production. He is also experienced in grading, animation and VFX. He cooperates as a consultant of technological sullutions on several projets as well. Among his most successful films belongs: the authors documentary Vladkos way (Literary Fund Prize for artistic achievement in the category of documentary film), The Gypsy Vote (special recognition for extraordinarily high-quality film editing, the Silver Eye Prize 2012, So Far, So Near (national nomination for EFA, Igric price for documentary film, National film prize Slnko v sieti), Stanko (Nomination for National film prize Slnko v sieti in the category The best editing).

Dušan Kozák graduated from VŠMU, where he also teaches. Over two decades he has been working as a sound master in Slovak Radio. He worked on several documentary films: The Magdalen Robinson Road, Afghan Women Behind The Wheel, Cigarettes and Songs, Protected Area, Bells of Happiness, From Fico to Fico, on feature films Thank you, Well and Kids, on the film project Slovakia 2.0. And on documentary films So Far, So Near and Flooded.

Matej Gyarfáš is is a communicator, musician and sound artist from Bratislava, Slovakia. After finishing his MA studies of Psychology at the Comenius University in Bratislava, he has done his doctoral degree in Film Sound Design at the Faculty of Film and Television, Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He is an active musician since 2003, working mainly in the field of experimental electronic and acoustic music. He has composed music for several films, theatre plays, installations and multimedia performances. Currently he is the Creative Communication Director in the company Ecocapsule.